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Newborn Sessions

Newborn Information

When to book- I always suggest booking right after your 20 week anatomy scan. This way you are sure to get your due date secured on my calendar. Once you have had the baby send me a message, call, or email and we will get an exact date and time scheduled.

Newborn sessions are designed for babies 14 days and younger. The best day to photograph your little one is from day five to day ten. During this time newborns tend to be sleepier and retain that fresh newborn curl.

Your newborn session will last approximately 3 hours long. This ensures we have enough time to pose and take whatever breaks necessary such as feedings. You are more than welcome to bring along a few snacks or entertaining items such as a book or an iPad.

Newborn sessions are done in my home "studio" where it will be a nice and cozy 78 degrees. It helps keep baby nice and warm while they are in the nude or wrapped in cloth. Please keep this in mind when coming to your session for parents/siblings to wear comfortable clothing so you don't get to hot!

Most of the session is done while baby is asleep, although I do have that one or two baby(ies) that like to stay awake the whole session and that's okay! If you want to ensure those sleepy shots try keeping baby awake 1-2 hours before the session. This tends to help keeping them nice and sleepy most of the session if not the whole session!

Have your baby fed right before coming to see me. That way I can get started as soon as you walk in the door! When you arrive you get to relax on the couch and I'll get baby out of his/her car seat.

Make sure you have baby in a loose fitted romper/sleeper. The less I have to do to get him/her undressed the easier the transition will be to get them setup for their shoot.

I promise that I will handle your new bundles with the utmost care. I have gone through the newborn stage four times with my own children and am very comfortable around babies! 

If you are wanting parent/sibling/family poses I suggest bringing a change of clothes for you all as well. These poses are often done when baby is nude and you might get peed or pooped on during this time. Simple solid colors are always a good option when doing these poses as it keeps a timeless look to your portraits.

I have an ever growing collection of wraps, outfits and props which are available to all my clients. If you have a certain theme to the nursery or are wanting a certain color/look throughout the session odds are I'll have it!

Do you have a special something that you would like used in the session? I am happy to in-cooperate family heirlooms, a parents uniform, or other special memento. I just ask that I am aware of anything special prior to the session date. Than it gives me time to plan out a better session for you.